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Hi there! I'm Courtney Pool and I'm a nutritionist specializing in juice cleansing, vegan nutrition and healing overeating. I've been studying these topics since 2005, had a career in these areas since 2006, worked at a juice cleansing retreat center for five years and then went on to create my own business, which I've had since 2011. Then, since 2014 I've been offering my coaching and ebooks by donation and pretty much living off donations for that time.

Recently, I've also created a youtube channel to share with you that way. I believe in offering everything up for free to people as gifts, and then people can donate to support as they desire. For this reason, you'll never see me put anything in ecourses or ebooks which I'll then make you pay for in order to receive the information, or withholding information just for private clients. Instead, I've decided to take my 12 years of experience in this area, all of which I could package into books and courses to charge you for, and give it all away for free instead.

With regards to my videos, I like to be as prepared as possible for creating them, and so I spend 8x as long in preparation as the length of what I plan the final video to be, and usually at least as long in post-production as the video length is. So, a 1 hour video for me is at least 10 hours of work total.

And so, I rely on donations for basic living expenses as well as to run my business, and to create more material in the future. You can set up a recurring donation here via Patreon to support my work in these areas.

Your donations will be used for personal and business related expenses, these are: rent, vehicle related expenses, food; bills and insurances, various business running expenses, personal/business related equipment & software, and personal items & clothes. On my website donation page I also have records of my income for years since 2014 as I believe in transparency, especially in living by donation and accepting your donations.
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