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Your $3/month donation (about the price of a beer during Happy Hour at Cheeks!) to the Club keeps things simple, and helps support the Club strong.

Consider chipping in more if you can, but know that anything you can give helps and 100% of your money goes to support the Club and not to pay for frills, salaries or any other funny business!
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Cove Apple Club Patron

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$60/year! Wow! Your $5/month donation to the Club -- about as much as a coffee and a donut each month -- shows you have a big, big heart for all things Cove Apple Club!

You'll be recognized for your outstanding support at all our annual group events, with more perks coming later in 2021!
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VIP Mega-Patron

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Are you serious?! Whooooo!

Your $10/month donation to the Club REALLY shows you have a big love for the Cove Apple Club, and that you want to keep it strong, fun and hassle-free!

You're our in the TOP-LEVEL of our donors, and you'll receive special Mega-Patron perks throughout the year. Watch for details coming soon. THANK YOU!
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