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About Coven Gaming

We are Coven Gaming and we are honest, hard working nerds. We are a family of gaming geeks working together to make funny videos, entertaining playthroughs, lets plays, game guides, and whatever else sparks interest and/or is requested. 
Current works 
-Dying Right series: a compilation of Dying Light, and the internet's most wacky and hilarious memes. Or something like that.
-Weird Evil series: To put it bluntly, it's resident evil 4, but we added an entire truck load of Green screen and strange sounds. What the hell?
-Fortnite Series: Well...this one's not really a series, but a playlist dedicated to the Fortnite live-stream and meme compilations of BewitchedCupcake and BewitchedMuffin, the two Twitch streamers of Coven Gaming.
-Seven Knights series: This is a Korean Phone game made global by the company Netmarble and developers at Mobirum. Soul does guides, livestreams, and informative segments on it. Check it out if you're weeb trash and need to be taken out like the rest of us.

We appreciate your help on our way to becoming great content creators!

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