A. M. Coy (Wyvern Dryke) is creating a helluva mess.

Paper Patron

$1 /mo
Be part of the club!  All Patrons can post comments, say hello, and read my essays, blogs, and thoughts. Also, you can gain access to some new gifts like textures and poems. :)


Plastic Patron

$5 /mo
Reward: a big thanks.  Plus extra gifts start here.  You can find some at the $1 level, but more textures and poems can be found here.  I'll also do word-searches for you, using my CROWN program. :...

Aluminum Patron

$10 /mo
Hug!  If you include a way to contact you by instant message, I will contact you personally to give you a big hug of gratitude. ♥  And you get all the previous tiers' awards too!

Copper Patron

$20 /mo
At this tier, patrons get all the previous rewards, plus a personal thank you in the blog.

Brass Patron

$50 /mo
All the previous rewards, plus... happy thoughts directed at you. >.>''' Ok I'm running out of specific rewards but this is a very special reward amount that helps me out quite a bit, and gra...

Bronze Patron

$100 /mo
Bronze Patron.
I'll make you a custom virtual gift (preferably in Second Life): textures, mesh, jewelry, a shirt, etc.  Anything within reason, assuming it is within my skill.

Silver Patron

$500 /mo
Silver Patron.
Everything Bronze gets, plus I'll list your name in the foreword of a book, as my patron.

Gold Patron

$1,000 /mo
Gold Patron.
Everything Bronze and Silver gets.  Plus I'll name one of my characters after you, or the person of your choice.  (First name only!  Don't get me sued.)