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About Heather — Host of CraftLit

How did Charlotte Brontë make it easier for everyone to breathe?
She created Eyre.
The Past, the Present, and the Future walk into a bar...
It was tense.
Or just these:

Getting the joke feels great!
CraftLit® is here to make sure you never miss another (classic lit) joke.

What CraftLit Does

April 2017 marked  CraftLit's 11th Anniversary of weekly episodes, bringing busy people who love classics a little literary relief, insider knowledge, and the near mystical ability to get obscure jokes.

There is no question, our lovely community of listeners relies on the companionship of annotated Audiobooks. We've 24+  Annotated Audiobooks | Audiobooks with Benefits™ in our Library (and more in our PodShop) and now even more are on their way with the help of our wonderful Patreon Patrons.* 

CraftLit's content is and always will be free to listeners—but the podcast is not free to make.

Keep Episodes Coming

Pledging your support for CraftLit means you get more and better books, more and better voice actors/readers, and more and better research—not to mention a host with more time and energy to focus on creating even more goodies with you in mind.
For the last few years we've also put out  Member-only Premium Audio** which also contributes to supporting the show, but listeners have asked for a simple way that the general audience can help sustain the podcast—whether that means pledging 50¢ a month or $50.

There haven't been any easy options for doing that—until Patreon.

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By pledging here*** on Patreon you'll be supporting  CraftLit and ensuring you'll be able to listen to fantastic Annotated Audiobooks for many, many years to come! Different pledge levels get you different rewards (see right)—so, enjoy!

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Thank you so much for stopping by our Patreon page!
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Bits and Pieces

* Annotated Audiobooks | Audiobooks-with-Benefits = shorthand to describe how CraftLit curates the classics—think CliffsNotes for your ears... but fun! Plus, no essays or quizzes!

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Jokes at the top of the page from All Women's Talk
75% complete
To have cash on hand to pay actors, monthly, for their audiobook reading.
So far all of our readers have worked for free, which is lovely of them and I'm sure their place in Heaven is reserved and all, but it would be so nice to build up a kitty from which to give them some financial remuneration, too. (And that way your place in Heaven will be reserved, too! Right?)
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