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is creating Polymer clay miniature food jewelry & accessories
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About Crafty Colanah

Hello! I'm Raven but online I often work under the handle 'Colanah'. Creating art has been something near and dear to me since I was very young. After moving to a new school in 2nd grade, I found that my drawings could help smooth the way for me to interact with others since I was a painfully shy child. It was a means to make magical creatures, fantastical worlds, and friends.

As the years passed, I explored various mediums and methods of sharing my imagination with the world. I've explored painting, pastels, sewing, knitting, cooking, makeup and more! In June of 2018, I picked up a block of Kato polymer clay with the intention of shaping parts for a costume. Sadly, I wasn't able to make the pieces in time and the polymer clay seemed fated to collect dust. In August 2018, I decided to play around with my Kato after being inspired by such Youtubers as CreativeRachy, SugarCharmShop, SaltECrafter, Maqaroon and many others.

In just a month or two, I discovered a true pleasure in shaping tiny confections and objects from polymer clay. Much like the days when I was a shy young girl in a new school, I hope that you'll let me share my small pieces of art with you?
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Improving the quality of the items that reaches my customers as well as upgrading some current equipment used to produce the handmade polymer clay confections.
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