is creating Craig, the voice channel recording bot for Discord

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per month
- Role in Craig's Discord server

- Relax! Your audio will be kept for 14 days instead of the usual 7.

- Avatar glowers! Craig will generate video files for each participant in a chat of their avatar glowing in time with their speaking.

- [NOTE: Due to connection issues with Discord, this benefit is currently not active :( ] You can record up to eight channels at once, as opposed to the usual four.
Includes Discord benefits

More power!

per month
- Role in Craig's Discord server

- All of the above

- Relax! Your audio will be kept for a full month instead of the usual 7 days.

- Catch those marathon podcasts with a 24 hour record time limit instead of the usual 6.

- The Craig Webapp will offer continuous mode, so you get no cuts whatsoever in tracks recorded through the Webapp.

- Craig will do your work for you: Semi-intelligently auto-leveled and premixed audio, available with anything you record, with all the processing done on the server.

- Optional automatic recording: Craig will automatically record channels you tell him to whenever anyone joins, or when specific users join.
Includes Discord benefits


per month
- All of the above

- Support for the Craig Webapp recording in 24-bit FLAC. This means your recordings will be nearly identical to those you would've gotten by asking each user to record separately.

Includes Discord benefits




per month

About CraigTeam

Craig is a multi-track voice channel recording bot for Discord. After about a year of operation, Craig became the ONLY voice channel recording bot for Discord, under mysterious circumstances definitely not induced by Craig's creator, Yahweasel. A couple more have sprung up since then, but Craig is still by far the most popular, most reliable, and most not-MP3.

I made Craig because I needed Craig, and I made Craig public because I assumed, rightly, that shaking out the bugs and making voice recording solid and reliable would require public use. Craig remains free, and thanks to everyone who uses and appreciates the ability to get good quality, multi-track recordings out of Discord, is fairly solid too.

My costs are few, but I must admit I've sunk a lot of hours into Craig. I'll put it this way: If you use Craig, and you appreciate Craig, and you have nothing better to do with the money, you could toss a bit my way. I made this Patreon because a lot of people asked for a way to give back, and this is the simple one.

NOTE: Because of how Patreon and Discord interact, in order to take advantage of patron rewards, you must be in the Craig Discord server. Feel free to mute it ;)

NOTE 2: If you're thinking “If Craig is open source, can't I just run my own to get these features?”, the answer is “please do!” The point of this Patreon is to recoup server costs, not to pay me for writing Craig.
$220 - reached! per month
Ennuicastr: The Podcaster's Lament

(Except Ennuicastr will actually be a good thing, I just couldn't resist the name)

The plan is to have an associated web app which will record audio raw off the microphone, so that podcasts can have an easy way of getting raw audio perfectly synced, using the apparently-magic technology by which Craig always keeps things in sync (hint: it's not magic, but one does have to actually know what they're doing and put in an effort to make sync work correctly).

Since it would be associated with Craig and largely subordinate to Craig, the web app could be as simple as "click this link, enter a name, bang, you're recording". I won't be adding web-based editing or whatnot—editing in desktop software is much better anyway—so the whole web app can be extremely simple and easy to use.
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