Craig Scott's Lobotomy

is creating Mind Bending Music and Sound Bending instruments
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About Craig Scott's Lobotomy

Craig Scott
is an self-taught Sound artist, Improvising Guitarist, Composer, producer and Instrument/Equipment designer and maker working in both studio and live contexts.

His Solo recorded work (Craig Scott's Lobotomy) focuses on the uncomfortable junction of human and machine creation and execution, Scaling the uncanny valley by blurring the lines between the natural and the mechanized or the real and the illusion. Glorifying both human and machine error,Indulging both the electronic degradation of the recorded artefact and the misinterpretation during translation of ideas between human beings.

Art for art's sake , Money for God's sake

After having done extensive research into modern music marketing i quickly came to the conclusion that rather than directly selling music to an audience it is necessary to create an Idol of the artist and instead sell an idea of Lifestyle/Culture for audiences to project themselves upon to which the music will serve as a backdrop.

I decided that the most efficient way of achieving this was to create my own church with myself as the pope and so
'The Church of Craig Scott' was born.

The Church functions as any popular modern cult, the more money you pay in the further up the ladder you climb and the more access to the inner workings of the cult you gain.

Notable differences between 'The Church of Craig Scott' and other successful modern cults include:

  • Upon joining It is not necessary to cut all ties with family and loved ones
  • Inverted Financial Hierarchy - The pope will inevitably loose more money than all members combined.
  • It is not necessary to denounce all other previously held belief systems.
  • Reasonable rates for ascension within the church
  • Promiscuity amoung membership is niether encouraged nor discouraged
  • Leave the church at any time without having your life threatened / being blackmailed
  • All headware is optional 
  • All members improvise their own rituals
  • A sense of humour

donated to the Church are used for the creation of future artistic ventures - most likely to buy materials to build new sound sculptures/post production gear/invent new instruments or manufacture physical copies of releases.

In exchange for your kind donations
you will recieve regular updates on works in progress (audio and visual), detailed explanations of the inner workings of the works inc. copies of schematics so you can build your own/steal my ideas, Longer versions of short video clips posted on instagram and facebook,  access to unreleased recordings, access to raw audio files so as you can sample/rework my material(steal my ideas) .

Here are some examples of the works i have been creating in the last few months ...

NO SENSE - Midi Controlled Reel to Reel tape machine

Robo-Uke Prototype - Improvised duets for a human/machine controlled Ukulele

Not Convinced?
Here is a short summary of my credentials so as you know your selling your soul to the right guy...

I have been working professionally as an experimental composer, improvising guitarist and recording artist for 10 years.
I am interested in the disquieting tensions that exist between human and machine creation and execution in music, utilising both precise modern and unstable outdated audio technologies in conjunction with improvising musicians.
Since graduating with a BPA from LCoM (2010) I have played a prominent part in the UK improvised music scene with band Shatners Bassoon completing an extensive ACE funded UK tour following the release of our third album to critical acclaim- from which one track was nominated for a British Composer Award-, Funded by PRSF and nominated as Ambassadors by Jazz North.

I am a recipient of the Francis Chagrin Award, Hope Scott Trust Award, ECF, ACE and PRSF project grants. I have been commissioned by BBC Jazz on 3, Late Junction, LumeLab and HCMF. I have done residencies in the UK and Europe at: NAIRs Contemporary Art Center, Bore Place (Serious Take 5), University for the Creative Arts, Great Exhibition of the North and Associazione Artemista.

I have performed throughout the UK and Europe at: Cafe Oto, WOMAD, The Vortex, International Festival for Artistic Innovation,The National Museum of Scotland, The Great Exhibition of the North, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Dutch Fretless Guitar Festival and Trem Azul (Portugal).

Broadcasts of my live/recorded work has been featured on BBC radio, ResonanceFM and NTS. Interviews and features have been published in The Guardian, Wire, Quietus, Jazzwise, Louder than War and Stereogum.

$0 of $500 per month
I will design and build a new piece of equiptment /sound sculpture and give it away to a randomly selected church member.
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