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Hey! My name is Hayley, although others also know me as Nyx, Lynx or Lambentlight00 (yes, embarrassing SAO username, I made that account while SAO was airing. I didn't know any better. Sorry.). I really enjoy making AMVS, but I'll also make other various things, like MMD videos- I'm also planning on making various informative videos, eventually.

I have social anxiety, Aspergers, Depression, and sensory processing order (along with generalized anxiety and other things), all diagnosed by my doctor, so I may shut down easily or not be as responsive/active some days vs others. Sorry.
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Curious kitty, huh~?
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  • Send me questions and I'll answer them!
  • If enough questions are asked I'll make a video about them!
  • I have little to no filter, so ask whatever you want, tbh.
  • Only exception for questions is anything that could get me or someone else doxxed or DDOS'd!
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Once I reach 60$ a month, I'll make more videos based on whatever mobile game I'm playing at the time. I'd have enough to both afford Mirroring my iPad and pay various other small expenses, so this is a step in the right direction!
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