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About CrazyOldBal

My name is CrazyBal and I need your help.

First some background.

I find myself in the unhappy circumstance of no longer being able to do the work I spent years training for due to poor health while having the problem of not being sick enough to get proper help. These issues range from migraines and IBS to RSI and some other long term health problems.

The Solution.

I am now actively producing daily content for Youtube and Twitch featuring games such as Stardew Valley, Oxygen Not Included and more.  I love to showcase games from a different angle.  Most videos show you someone who has played so much that they know everything about the game and what to expect around every corner.

I'm looking to launch myself on a journey with you the viewer into discovering the potential a game has for an average gamer.  I'll never be the next Starcraft world champion or some highly tuned Fortnite pro with godlike reflexes, but maybe we can join together and enjoy the clever systems put in place to entertain us in the smaller and lesser known titles.

Why Patreon?

To become a full time content producer requires funds and a long term time commitment.  I'm not coming here with any expectation of getting rich quick but I do need to be able to plan ahead with my time and finances.
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I can fully focus on creating daily videos.  At least 10 hours of content uploaded per week.
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