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About Creativa GS

Hi there and thank you for coming.

I live right under the land of oportunities, on the poor country on south of USA: México.

Here, we live a lot of productive people without chances to make things better, we have to attach ourselves to bad payed job journals and an awful governemet that hasn't changed but in name.

But we are not only drug dealers or bandits as some orange people say, we have dreams, creativity and culture that we want to share to the world. Mainly i want to present here my works about Mexican culture, but also i want to share other works not related at all with my country.

For doing this we need your help. That's why i have created this patreon page to start working on videogames. Also i plan to show some other creative things i have been made, i.e. my avatar belongs to a series of comics i have made from a long time.

What will i do with the money?

Mainly work on my games. Working to live is pretty hard this side of the river, too many hours and less profit, first needs should be filled before creativity starts to grow, i want to make videos of my cartoons and upload them on youtube, twitch and other platforms, to do this i need money to share with people who wants to help me with the voices and i could have more time to make the animations.

As you might see right now there are no specific rewards for my patreons, but every penny will be considered when rewards go on.

You can see i have no experience doing click bait, that's why you can be sure i will not play that game and you will be thanked for your help.

Thank you for your support it will be very apreciated and used for good.
You will find all we plan to do in this place.
$0 of $100 per month
When $100 monthly is reached A comic strip should be released every week and 1 complete small game monthly.
If any of these are NSFW, patreons $5 and up will have exclusive access.
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