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About Creative Rehab

Creative Rehab is a small publication for copywriters, creatives, and outcasts.

Each issue is filled with prose, poetry, puzzles, satire, gonzo journalism, graphic design, illustrations, scribbles, doodles, blood splatters, and more.

PDF copies of Creative Rehab are completely free (and always will be).

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Issue #1

We’ve even got a podcast.

This started out as a dumb idea, like all of the best things in life.

I was sick of working on boring briefs and mind-numbing corporate copy. A few good jobs made it worthwhile but I wasn't exactly creatively titillated. Plus, the weird sketches and bizarre rants I was posting on Twitter at the time might have annoyed and offended a few people.

I needed to take my shtick offline.

I posted a thread on Twitter asking if anyone would be interested in a zine filled with boatloads of perverse, humorous doodles and articles of my own creation. To my surprise, people didn't just want to subscribe - they wanted to be involved!

I started sharing ‘daily quests’ on the Creative Rehab Twitter account. Originally, these were just reminders to myself and a way of ensuring I made the most out of each and every day. But people loved these silly little chunks of advice, strange prompts, and suggestions. They ended up becoming an integral part of this whole journey.

Soon, dozens of people were asking me if they could contribute articles, stories, poems, drawings, graphic designs... People loved the idea of pushing away the rigid, structured day-job-junk and creating something for the sake of creation alone.

Now, I still wanted to send this out to everyone who was interested - for free.

I planned it for weeks as I compiled issue 1. I even had freebies made up and was planning on working for days on printing, packaging, and posting it all by myself.

But life is rarely that easy. It grew to be something that I couldn't feasibly sink money into without leaving myself destitute.

And that's when people started suggesting Patreon and other crowdfunding/subscription websites.

That's where we find ourselves now, trying to sort out how we're going to get this beast off the ground.

It's not selling out. It's still DIY-Punk, I promise.

It's just that the printer ink ain't free and the Royal Mail need their blood money.

Let's see if this works?

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Let's find out.

If we can get 50 subscribers on here, I'm going to put aside an extra few days a month to work on each issue.
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