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Coffee Fund (Tip Jar)
$1 or more per month 2 patrons

I don't have a coffee problem, honest! You have my heartfelt thanks. Every dollar counts, and I appreciate it hugely.

You'll also receive:
- Vote on which shirts get made next!
- Entry into each shirt giveaway when a new design is completed!
- Coffee Patron status on my discord server,  Awesome!

Includes Discord rewards
Fancy Latte
$5 or more per month 5 patrons

I like my lattes like I like my coffee: Delicious! Thank you!
At this tier, you can expect the benefits from Coffee Fund status, plus:

- Peeks at whatever I happen to be working on, including things like concept art for the little game I’m working on, early access when it is available, in-progress sketches, access to in-progress drafts of my novel, and so on. Volume of content will vary, according to life.

- Fancy Latte Patron status on my discord server, with access to the Fancy Latte club. I'll post Work-in-Progress images from the art that I'm working on, and let you see my terrifying to-do list! You'll also have access to a special chat channel.

Includes Discord rewards