CreeperTakeover is creating Minecraft Machinimas

$1 /creation
+ You will support the channel a lot.
+ Whitelist on my acting server, you can watch me recording

$5 /creation
+ Will act in my videos
+ Get a special thank you from me.

$10 /creation
+ Add me on skype
+ Talk to me as long as you like.
+ Will make a 30 second SWEG video.
+ Whitelist on the recording server

$25 /creation
+ Will talk to you on skype.
+ Message me as long as you want!
+ Personal thank you speech sent through skype.

$50 /creation
+ A HUGE thank you.
+ Follow on Twitter
+ Help you to make videos like me.
+ Give you a Sony Vegas course for 1 hour.
+ Send the video the day before I upload.
+ FULL acces in recording server

$75 /creation
+ A lot of big big thank you.
+ Chat with you on skype.
+ Sneak peak for the "big" project.
+ An easter egg in a video.
+ Your name at the beggining of the video.

$100 /creation
+ HUGE thank you.
+ A four minute machinima for you.
+ Will play Minecraft with you.
+ Will make an npc of you and get a baby with a diaper to hug it then will record this and send it to you.

$120 /creation
+See my face
+Add me on Facebook (If you want)