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I don't want anything in return. 

I just want to support you in all you do! 

Awww your the best *Cyber Hugs* 

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My cute little hard rock gem! 

 You're truly a friend who supports my lifestyle and wants to see me succeed. 

Well here's what you get in return. 

- Early Access to videos. 

- discount codes for my webstore Filthy Cosmetics

- Full access to my personal Patreon blog. 

This is where I share my daily thoughts on life, where I jot notes for future creative ideas, go on full rants, life updates.. you  know the whole human stuff. 

It's kind of like my online diary, super secret and super special.

and you have access to it all... ahhh ... 

You'll be able to talk with me, leave comments & gain some type of friendship with me.

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All kinds of love is beaming through to my heart chakra! 

 You're a freaking GEM. 

Well heres what you get in return. 

- Early Access to videos. 

- Full access to my personal Patreon blog. 

- Access to my DISCORD 

- Discount codes for my online store Filthy Cosmetics 

[A private chat room strictly for the patreon family, its actually my favorite! We can use voice or text and we can rant about whatever. Think of it like a  bestie group chat ;) , where we spill tea, laugh & joke, send each other good vibes and just talk about whatever's on our minds. super fun right?! ] 




Who Am I ? 
Thanks for stopping by my Patreon. 
My name is Alice (Oya) or as most people know me Creepy Bad Witch. 
Known most for being my unapologetic odd witchy self that makes kick ass  cosmetics. 

Why Did You Make This Page?
Simple, because for the past couple years juggling a online business and being a full time mom has made it hard for me to be able to showcase (or even have time to just share) how multifaceted a person I am. 

Incase you didn't know, I'm into alternative modeling, creating music, cosplay, & gaming.

 What you may not know is that majority of my funds ends up going right back into my business Filthy Cosmetics. Which is great, that I can still produce but I definitely want to expand and be able to share more sides of myself.

Most people only see the glamorous side of being a creator, but it's a lot of hard work, energy & time.

So this will help me be able to stay consistent with daily Vlogs, finally launch Filthy Femmes
( A safe space for WOC who are into alternative modeling, cosplay or just being their super weird/ adorable self). As well as other ways I choose to express my art. 

Why Should I Support You?
Not only because you made it this far into my rambling, but because I'd assume you want to. 
You care enough about my lifestyle and believe in me that you want to be apart of this awesome exclusive community that'll get you access to get so much closer to me, and get exclusive content that will be available only on Patreon.

What Do You Get Out Of This ? 
Since social media has changed all of its algorithms ( facebook & instagram ) 
you miss out on NOTHING being here.
You get updates here first,  You get the inside scoop, you are my precious little coven.

Things that I probably wouldn't share other places, I'll be sharing here.
(photo sets, blogs, vlogs, coupon codes & travel updates.) 

Depending on what Tier you join we even get some intimate time via messenger. 

Check out the tiers & choose which one is right for you! 

Thank you so much for your support. 
**cyber hugs**

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My first goal will be for getting a bunch of prints and merchandise for Filthy Femmes, which is a huge step... paying other models, videographers, Mua's, renting sets, getting clothing, and building websites aren't cheap. 

So I'm happy you're here to help! 
Thank you so much, can't wait to show you this phase. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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