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About Jamie Carter

Prepare yourself, reader, as I take you on an amble through my mind toward a point...
The accelerated crush of industrialization and the associated (reduction or glorification, depending on your perspective) of individuals from members of dynamic communities to autonomous personalities, has rapidly transformed our participation with our societies, during which a host of dignified customs have been hastily debased and discarded. As long as "progress" outpaces the ability of millions of humans to negotiate a collective compromise dealing with structural cultural changes,  it is safe to accept that often mistakes have been made...I stake the claim that one of those venerated customs, which surely ennobled every spirit affected by it, and never should have passed from popular practice, was that advocacy of the arts which enriched the entire human race during the Age of its renown, the Patronages of Renaissance Italy...

Hours before I was introduced to this site (by a Facebook post from the immortal Neil Gaiman) I was having a conversation with a friend, a musician in Michigan, about my conviction that a society which abandons a broad of support for artists for the durations of their engagement in the time consuming and expensive process of creating art is a society that is inevitably on the path of decline.

It is historically through the voices of artists that populations mobilize to incite crucial change, and it is around the statements of artists that crowds can gather for examination of their culture. There is a critical synergy generated between artists and those people with sufficient sensitivity, discernment and long-sightedness to support the arts and the individuals who admonish and provoke leaders and their led, that strengthen a culture, who guarantee that the fresh breath of vital ideas invigorate a people, hedging against cultural stagnancy.  However, the cultural press of individuation has indoctrinated a universal idea that each individual carry their economic weight through every step through the society in which they participate. While this principle has its merits, it is firstly disingenuous, as nearly every path to success includes some level of outside support, but it also provides a convenient excuse for discrediting any compulsion to offer support to an artist who is seen to be asking for it. But as our culture evolves, unexpected developments often cry out for reinstatement of bygone customs to meet a cultural need. And if individuation is to be the new norm for human interaction, it is critical that people are able to explore ways through which to enrich humanity through this isolating yet empowering attitude, instead of succumbing to a mechanical dehumanization of communities, and it will require the insights and instigations of an artistic conversation to provide the material with which to outfit this change. So the value of artists' participation in a cultural self-regard, while never truly waning, has reached a level of importance that begs for the revitalization of artistic endeavoring. But in an epoch of economic uncertainty, no one has the capacity to bear the burden of artists in between productions. However, humanity has endured through a succession of unexpected and innovative solutions to imperative problems.
And here it is. The internet, in it's collective human wisdom, through Patreon, has provided a magnificent model for the resurrection of the culturally crucial Patron of the Arts...
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My primary objective is to launch a website, so I can best showcase my art, and have a venue to broadcast some ideas. Beyond that point, I will discover once it's reached.
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