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This Crime Watch network publishes news, information and commentary about crime, public safety and livability in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.
We're working to educate the public about how our criminal justice system works. Minnesota's criminal justice system favors criminals over public safety.

Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines allow for stayed sentences and probation on a wide range of crimes, and in combination with Minnesota’s Criminal History Score calculation formula, repeat offenders are allowed to continue committing crimes and racking up new victims long before prison time is ever considered.

Also, when an offender receives multiple sentences, the durations are generally allowed to run concurrently. Only in rare cases are sentences ordered to run consecutively.
These failures and flaws in our system do not fall on judges alone.

Our system is set up to allow for these actions through the criminal statutes written and enacted by your legislators (whom you vote for), and through the sentencing guidelines established by the mostly unelected Sentencing Guidelines Commission (mostly appointed by people you vote for).

Also affecting the process are mayors and city councils (whom you vote for) who tell police they're not allowed to enforce certain laws or arrest certain people for breaking certain laws, as well as county attorneys (whom you vote for) who decide they're simply not going to prosecute certain crimes. Not to mention city and county "leaders" who establish zero dollar bail requirements.
The bottom line is that you need to know where the people you vote for stand on ensuring that our system will be reformed to actually protect the public and hold criminals accountable.
We're working to hold the criminal justice system and media accountable by providing you with information about crime and criminal cases that you're not getting elsewhere. We report about public safety and crime news that your city, state and MSM won't tell you.
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