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  • My undying gratitude! Thank you so much for believing in and supporting me. It means the world!

  • A monthly Deathscope Reading via video format (think tarot meets astrology with a focus on transitions). A Deathscope studies the ‘death point’ or point of change and how it shows up in your life each month. It also provides ancestral advice for the elemental zodiac group, giving detailed ways that each person can deal with and best utilize this guidance.

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  • A monthly downloadable patreon-only Podcast on anything and everything within the pagan and/or death related realm. Topics may include but are not limited to spiritual development, everyday magickal practice, ancestral work, shadow work, channeling, storytelling, energy work, ritual space, working with deity, and various forms of divination. Special topic requests are also welcomed!
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  • A monthly patron-only Video on anything and everything within the pagan and/or death realm. Topics may include but are not limited to spiritual development, everyday magickal practice, ancestral work, shadow work, channeling, storytelling, energy work, ritual space, working with deity, and various forms of divination. Special topic requests are also welcomed!

  • An exclusive ‘Meditative Altar Space’ video. This is a custom-designed altar that will be carefully crafted for my patrons each month. Think of this video as a place outside of time and space, a healing nest, or a portable temple that you can step into at any time, no matter where you are, and use as a tool to center and soothe the soul. 
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Hey there, Traveler!
I hope the day finds you well!
Come sit by the fire, warm yourself in it's glow,
stay a while, and listen to my story.

A long time ago, in a far away land called the boonies of the eastern Virginia shoreline, there lived an old soul in a pudgy, little body. Her father taught her how to heal with acts of kindness and how to tell a good story with wild gestures and strange voices. Her mother taught her of the importance of ceremony, ancestral remembrance, and the wisdom found in laughter. She grew up singing songs and dreaming of her ancestors; until one day her mother said it was time. She was to take up the staff for all of the women before her, give them voice, and make ceremony for others.

This council fire is where I make ceremony.
Whether you are traveling for a reason or a season,
there is a place for you here.
You are seen. You are heard.
And you are safe.

This journey has led me down the path of becoming a Priestess, Healer, Medium, Mentor, & Certified Death Midwife. I provide transition-focused services (IE: ancestral sessions, healing sessions, spiritual mentorship, etc) for the heart-centered community.  A bridge between worlds, I choose to push past the limitations and blockages, reclaiming and reigniting the ancient reverence in Death Rites for a modern world. With 22 years of evolving practice, learning through various healing modalities and rites of passage, I use my experience and intuition to offer guidance to all of my clients. My goal is to empower others to move in a positive direction, supporting the transformation process within by facing the challenges that lie ahead with clarity, courage, and compassion. 

If you are at the threshold, going through a hard transition, or have passed over one before; my work may interest you.

As you can tell, I talk about the 'D' word a lot (DEATH). I use my humor, southern charm, and spiritual training to speak on topics surrounding our dead, our own deaths, and the many spiritual deaths that we go through in this ride we call life. I also speak a lot on my own path within paganism and energy work, which deeply entwines the every day magickal and the every day mundane.

I'm also a long-time content creator on YouTube, the co-owner of a pagan podcast called What The Flux, and an Ordained Minister. If you want the whole spiel, check out this page on my website.

Inside these walls you will find monthly threshold readings, channeled songs, spoken word poems, exclusive blogs, videos, podcasts, ceremonies, access a year's worth of archives, massive discounts for one-one-one sessions, my own brand of down-home paganism, and super sneaky sneak peeks into my life!

And if you're already one of my frequent Travelers, I want to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU! Thank you for the love you give, the time you spend, and the creativity and passion that you inspire me with every day. <3 I could never tell you how grateful I truly am. I freaking love your faces!

So, there you have it, Traveler.
In exchange for the support I gain from you,
I offer you this sacred space
to listen for what has been lost,
to laugh often, to love soul-deep,
and to honor those who've gone before us.
Will you stay a while and make ceremony with me?

This Patreon page is Charge Up Front, meaning that you will be charged at the time of pledging. The next charge will always be on the 1st of the following month. (IE: If you pledge on November 18th for the $5 tier you will be charged $5 on November 18th, then $5 on December 1st.)

40 of 44 patrons
When we reach 44 members, I'll do a special giveaway for one Mentorship Session! All tiers are eligible to win! Help me to help someone else by getting the word out about this Patreon page, folks. 🖤
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