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is creating pagan podcasts, videos, readings, rituals, and sessions.

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  • My gratitude! Thank you so much for believing in and supporting me. It means the world that you enjoy the content and services that I bring.

  • A monthly Deathscope Reading via video (think tarot meets astrology with a focus on transition energy). A Deathscope studies the ‘death point’ or point of change and how it shows up in your life each month. It also provides ancestral advice for the elemental zodiac groups, giving detailed ways that each person can deal with and best utilize this guidance.

  • Special access to our patron-only Discord community. Become a member of the Love Your Face Family and connect with a kick ass community that includes awesome folks who value compassion, connection, and community! The Discord server has over 32 topic channels on things like ancestors, divination, psychic abilities, death & dying, pagan parenting, dreams, crafting, and more. We also have a magick bot who tells horoscopes, pulls cards, and lets you choose from 160 occult books to read on the spot. The Discord has frequent voice calls between patrons and all are able to tag everyone, so starting calls is now super easy! And it includes access to occasionally rotating discord-only events hosted by myself, my team, and the community. Events like Monday Divination Meetings, Movie Nights (poll-voted movies!), Game Nights (we have a large gamer community!), and other witchy club events for things like Reading, Cooking, and Crafting are all available at Tier One! Come sip some tea, drop some witchy memes, learn, share, laugh, and pull cards with the family. Our Green Witchery, Kitchen Witchery, and Astrology channels are especially active! 👀 

    (You will also receive the Tier One role on Discord.)
Includes Discord benefits

Tier Two

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  • All Tier One rewards (the deathscope & discord access) plus...

  • A Monthly Podcast episode that's been edited with all of the bells and whistles, ready for your listening pleasure! This podcast will frequently feature guest spots on most, if not all, of the episodes. If you're a member of the Love Your Face Family Discord community you could be a guest too! These discussions are fun, informal, and real-life witchy in manner. All sorts of topics and stories will be covered, many being conversations that emerged from the Discord community itself.

    There will be a live podcast recording (see next reward for details**), then an edited version will be posted on Patreon for the month. After a month of early access the episode will be made public and a brand new early access episode will be posted on Patreon!

  • Live Backstage Access to all **Podcast Recordings! Want more podcast? No problem! Hear all of the raw footage between my guests and I, filled with silly antics and interesting side topics before things get edited out. These live tapings are held via the 'Podcast Stage🎬' channel on Discord. Listen in real time and be a part of the discussions by using the 'Live-Chat🚦' text channel! Due to varied guest schedules, live podcast recording dates may be clustered together or spread out over time. All dates will be announced and frequently updated in the Discord 'event-calendar📆' channel as we move through the month.

  • Discord-Only Live Streams (called 'Live Pop-Ins'). Maybe I'm out witchy shopping, sorting herbs, doing dishes, cleaning the witchy room, writing a new course, or brewing something special up. This tier gives you a closer look into my life and my thoughts on things. I will tag everyone on the server before I go live. These live broadcasts can be found at the top of the channel listings under the '🟢Live Pop-Ins🟢' category on Discord. They are not recorded or scheduled.

    (You will also receive the Tier Two role on Discord.)
Includes Discord benefits

Tier Three

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  • All Tier One and Tier Two rewards (deathscope, discord access, podcasts, live streams) plus...

  • An exclusive and meditative Altar Space Video. This is a custom-designed altar that I've dedicated to my patrons. If you want to work on your meditation skills or just love yourself some witchy eye candy, this is your tier. Think of this tranquil video as a healing nest and a portable temple that you can step into at any time, no matter where you are. Use these as a tool to center and soothe the soul. Each month will have its own magick, theme, and mystical landscape. The video will include a breakdown of the items chosen and why, as well as a meditative portion.

  • Bonus Content! As a special thank you, you will receive the occasional channeled songs, poems, blogs, picturespodcasts, and/or videos! This could be about anything and everything that I'm inspired to share at the time. Special seasonal goodies may apply here. 😉

  • Early Access to any prerecorded video that I upload to YouTube. You will see it first right here on Patreon up to a week before it gets released to the public!

    (You will also receive the Tier Three role on Discord.)

Includes Discord benefits



About Cris Ashburn

Come to the fire, warm yourself in it's glow.
You've reached a place of respite, and a space to grow.

Welcome, Traveler!
My name is Cris. I'm an Ancestral Priestess, Medium, Mentor, and Witch.

From a place of compassion, grounding, insight, and honesty, I provide a sacred space for those who are going through various kinds of transition in life. I reconnect the living with their ancestral roots through sessions, ceremonies, readings, and mentorship.

With over 25 years of practices under my belt, I have learned through many healing methods, ceremonial oaths, and rites of passage. As a medium and a generational witch, I have worked hand in hand with the spirit world since I was a child. As an adult, I use all of these blessed experiences to assist folks in building, embracing, and nurturing their own spiritual traditions and innate gifts.

(More background on my story and my qualifications can be found here.)

On this Patreon you will find:
  • An active and friendly Discord community with over 30 topic channels
  • Discord-only events and live shows from myself, my team, and the community
  • Monthly energetic readings for the zodiac signs with ancestral advice
  • Fun and informative podcasts with occasional guests
  • Meditative altar videos inspired by the month's energy
  • Monthly workshops on a spiritual topic (patron suggestions welcomed)
  • Monthly witchy hangouts full of fun, informal, and connective discussions
  • Biweekly ancestral rituals (Death Tents) with drumming and journeywork
  • A Patreon-only discount for mentorship sessions
  • Occasional bonus content such as channeled songs, poems, blogs, and videos
  • Access to 3 years of content (meaning hundreds of posts on witchcraft, ancestors, etc.)
  • My own brand of experience-led, down-home paganism with a sense of humor

This Patreon is a sacred space to heal, to laugh often, to connect with others, to listen for what has been lost, and to honor those who've gone before us. 

Would you like to join us by the fire? 

Please Note
This Patreon page is Charge Up Front, meaning that you will be charged at the time of pledging. The next charge will always be on the 1st of the following month. (IE: If you pledge on November 18th for the $5 tier you will be charged $5 on November 18th, then $5 on December 1st.) 

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I'll release a channeled ritual song just for my patrons.
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