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About Cristina Bailey

Supporting me through Patreon will help me keep doing what I love, which is playing video games for your amusement!! All pledges will go directly to one of three things: 1. The internet bill (important for streaming), 2. New Games!, and 3. New Computer / Streaming Equipment.

But What Is Patreon, you ask!

Patreon is a like a kickstarter, you're just supporting my livestreaming instead of a company!  I really make no money streaming, but in order to continue I need to be able to buy new games, equipment, and pay my monthly bills.  I'm asking for your help with this.  And instead of donating and getting nothing, why not reward you! My awesome viewer.  I am so thankful for my viewers and want to reward you at every turn!

I stream a lot, so I'll only be a per month expense!

I love you my viewers, come back often to see what shenanigans I'm up to now!

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