Critical Wits is creating Podcasts

$1 /creation
Be the decider! Pledge 1 dollar per episode, and you'll get to vote in patron-only polls deciding what the topic of the next episode will be. You'll get access to our Big List of P...

$5 /creation
Hang Out with Us! Pledge at least $5 per episode, and you'll be invited to patron-only Google Hangouts with the Critical Wits folks at least once a month! You'll get to schmooze wi...

$10 /creation
Shout-out! Pledge 10 dollars per episode, and we'll thank you for your support at the end of every episode, as long as you continue to support us!

$25 /creation
Critical Wits Portrait! You'll get a custom vector art caricature of yourself made, in the style of the host portraits on the Critical Wits website! Send us a photo and pick your i...

$35 /creation
Sponsor Shout-out! Pledge 35 dollars per episode, not only will we give you a shout-out at the start of each episode you support, we'll also plug your own ...

$60 /creation
Guest Host! Pledge at least 60 dollars per episode, and you'll get to guest host an episode with us at least once a year! We'll Skype you in (unle...