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About Jennifer Sometimes/Paul Usually

Welcome to The Voice of Crossdressing!

CrossDress Radio Network or CDRN, is the only media of its kind. The goal of the show "Free To Be She", is to bring you the best, most reliable crossdress information, to advocate for crossdresser visibility, and to bring social awareness to the niche of the straight crossdresser.

The content is specifically oriented towards being non-erotic and non-sexual to create a safe place for significant others, family, and friends to get factual information. I, the host Jennifer "Sometimes," being driven to help each crossdresser, or "CD", obtain a full and rewarding life that is deserved by every person on this Earth.

I have lived with the pain and shame of crossdressing, and have experienced those parts of life that men can't share. I called it a curse and yelled at God shouting, "Why me!" I've lived that lonely hidden side of ourselves.

But, I discovered that I grew as a man when I embraced my feminine self.

Jennifer has taught me a lot and brought me out of the shadows. Now I live a full and confident life in balance with my feminine side.

Entering into my golden years I have decided to devote my life to bringing hope, happiness, and acceptance to others.

I have been blessed to have many accepting women and men around me, and they all believe in my journey. I, like you, have spent countless hours on the internet searching for answers and understanding. You know how difficult it is to find grounded truth.

This sparked CDRN's mission to brush aside misinformation and go to a higher level of truth, knowledge, and awareness.

Knowledge can dispel fear.

Jennifer has helped me become a kinder, more understanding person. I look forward to interacting "en femme", or in dress, while out in public. I want to demonstrate that CD's are nice people and not people to be scared or ashamed of.

I've found that strangers react positively to my kindness and are more open than one may expect. Crossdressing in public has allowed me to advocate for other CD's and I hope that you grow in confidence as I have to show your authentic self out of your home.

I ask you to join me as we go forward on our journey, together. Let's help each other take the steps to discover the unique and special people we are, one-by-one.
Our YouTube Channel is ever-growing, but the expense and effort to produce a quality program is somewhat daunting. I turned to the website, "Patreon" for help in expanding our online reach and content.

This is where you come in. With a little help from many subscribers, we can do more to bring you reliable content and support, the likes of which you may never find on the internet. Through your friendship and a cup of coffee's worth of financial assistance a month, we can continue this movement together.

Also, I welcome the participation of your wife, significant other, and/or anyone in your circle. My personal belief is that good information will enhance the relationship with a crossdresser, by dispelling anxiety and apprehension. Each couple can find a harmonious path that is workable for both individuals, while also strengthening their connection.

Crossdressing should not be a lonely journey, but one of discovery with friends, partners, and supporters.

Friend, join us as we join you.

Peace, love, and contentment,

Jennifer Sometimes
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When we reach 500 patrons, I'll hire an assistant to enhance and maintain this Patreon page. I have been stretched to my limits both financially and emotionally. With this goal in hand, I'll be able to provide more content for you and our culture while raising the quality.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 46 exclusive posts

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