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Hello I’m Lars Kristian from Cross Nation. I have a passion to see more Christian electronic music, used to worship and glorify God. I do this through Cross Nation. This is a promotion channel, which sole purpose is to enlighten you about new Christian EDM awaiting discovery! I have many plans for Cross Nation in the future. But I need help and support to make them happen.
Cross Nation started in 2014 and have been rapidly growing ever since. I try to make a bridge between artist, labels & fans. Help artists reach a bigger audience. To make a awesome community of people, who likes to dance for Jesus. and make it easy to find good christian electronic dance music.

But there is a problem, a lot of people believes that there is a whole team behind Cross Nation. There's not. It’s just me Lars Kristian, running this channel from my small place. It’s not always easy to run such a channel. It’s time consuming & it's not free. And here is where you can help. I have some big ideas & plans for the future of Cross Nation. But I sadly cannot found them on my own. Some of which is Bethesda Sessions, an artists spotlight focusing on a single artist. I also want to get the Cross Nation website running. A project that has been laying in the dust, due to the high price of the domain. Also we have our albums, The Sound of His Nation Vol.1 & Vol.2. These require a lot of time, resources, and finance which I’m currently limited by!
I have over the years seen people request for more music, mixes, clothes and just in general more content. But I just don't have enough time in my spare time, to make it happen. While also having my full time job, friends, family etc.

Right now i'm using Adobe after effects. A program that costs 30$ a month, which I gladly pay out of my own pocket. But I would also like to get photoshop etc. to make the artwork for the albums and such. Right now I'm using AE for all content on the Channel. (Yes even the artwork is made inside after effects) It's not made for that, so upgrading the package could save me much time. And make space for the other projects. But the upgrade will cost 70$ a month which I sadly cannot afford.

Cross Nation is a free service to use, I don’t want the artists to pay me for promoting their tracks. I want to share the music I love, the music I worship to, the music I dance to. I don’t earn anything from running the channel. I just feel like it's a thing God wants me to do. You guys are a fantastic community and I could not be more proud of you all. So feel free to support Cross Nation, making more content and awesome stuff in the future.

And as always God bless you all & remember to dance for Jesus-Lars Kristian
$37.74 of $500 per month
I'm trying to get to work on Cross Nation every Friday, But this means ill go down in work hours at my current job, And I will need your help to support my self. I really hope you consider helping me making CN an more awesome platform
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