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  • Support the creation of my free adventure prompts. I try to create one or two every month that I release for free on Reddit and on my website. If you'd like to help me create more, this is the TIER for you!
Includes Discord benefits

Dire Wolf

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All of the benefits of the previous tier, plus:
  • Get new Battlemaps every month! I create about1-4 new Battlemaps each month, depending on the size and complexity of each map. 
  • Instant access to the Back Catalogue. A Dropbox folder with over 100 Battlemaps and battlemap tiles, including my illustrated magic items and monsters.
  • Random Encounter Maps. I plan on publishing random encounter Battlemaps whenever I update my DungeonDraft assets, you'll get access to the basic sets of these maps each month.

Check the intro for more info.
Includes Discord benefits


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reward item
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All of the benefits of the previous tier, plus:

  •  More MAPS! Receive up to double the amount of maps every month. You'll find a much larger Back Catalogue Supreme that holds more variations or sometimes even completely unique maps for the taking!
  • Access to my DungeonDraft Asset packs! I will be updating my DungeonDraft packs with hundreds of assets every month so you'll be able to create custom maps in my art style! 
  • Access to my Patron page on, making it easier to navigate my content on the fly.

 Check intro for more info.
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About Crosshead

My name is Bert, the creator of everything Crosshead. I have been a big fan of fantasy RPGs for as long as I can remember and love bringing my own ideas to life. Combining the two I started designing maps, characters, and magic items for tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Every so often I try to take these creations to the next level by using one of each to create free adventure "one-sheets" for DnD 5e. 

Wanting to grow as an artist and creator I decided to join Patreon in an effort to be able to create more work on a steady basis, creating content full time.

You'll find previews of my art, and examples of some of my latest one-sheets on my WEBSITE

If you decide to support me on Patreon and join me in my adventures, you'll pick one of five mounts to carry you on this wild ride. Ranging from a War Horse to a Gold Dragon, each has tier has its own perks, most of which are described in the membership levels. 

In short, it boils down to this:

Becoming my patron, you either pledge at the base tier: pledging $2 which grants you access to 2-4 new Battlemaps each month. They'll often come accompanied with a one-sheet adventure that includes a unique item and monster I release for free


You pledge at $5 or higher which grants you access to everything I create in a month. That's about double the amount of premade Battlemaps, including premade asset packs for DungeonDraft and bonus access to the save files of all the DungeonDraft maps I create starting at $10.

I'm using DungeonDraft currently to convert all my illustrations into asset packs you can use to customize maps I release and build your own using my art. I'm also going to release save files of my maps for those of you who'd like to adjust them for your own games.

All of my artwork is protected under the creative commons with this license

Meaning you are free to use it for personal use, but cannot redistribute it for commercial purposes. The same goes for my DungeonDraft assets. You are free however to use any of my content in your streams or podcasts and can share links to those in my DISCORD. Same goes for Any custom maps you've made using my assets, you're free to share them on social media and I encourage sharing them on the discord with the other patrons!

If you use my adventurers in a cast, feel free to let me know and I'll even drop a link on my website.

Check out the video above and my website for more info

The moment you join my Patreon, you get access to a folder with all the content sponsored by Patrons so far. Neatly organized into six (seven for my $5 and up tiers) categories:

This is the folder that contains my latest creations organized by month. So once you've downloaded the full dropbox the first time, you can just check these folders for updates. (3 MAX means I only go back 3 months in this specific folder)

This is where you'll find all my maps. Organized in FULL MAPS & TILES. The Full maps are divided into subcategories like Buildings, City Maps, Dungeons, Terrains, etc. 

Upload these assets into DungeonDraft and create your own maps using my art. I've created close to 2000 assets so far.

Folders that contain all of the adventures, magic items, monsters, and miniatures I've made in the past.

Feel free to contact me at
[email protected]

1,000 - reached! patrons
This allows me to start creating free adventures for people to enjoy with the maps they help me create here. I plan on making 1-2 each month
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