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My name is Bert, the creator of everything Crosshead. I have been a big fan of fantasy RPG's for as long as I can remember and love bringing my own ideas to life. Combining the two I started designing maps, tokens, and characters for my home games a couple of years ago and haven't stopped ever since.

Wanting to grow as an artist and creator I decided to join Patreon in an effort to be able to create more work on a steady basis, hoping to be able to create content like this full time. Looking to get my work published in print in the future.

Find previews of my art on my Instagram.


I'm using DungeonDraft currently to convert all my illustrations into asset packs you can use to customize maps I release and build your own using my art. Check out the video and my website for more info:

Back Catalogue & Back Catalogue Supreme
The moment you join my Patreon, you get access to a folder with all the content sponsored by Patrons so far. Neatly organized into four categories: Maps, Monsters, Miniatures and Magic Items. Depending on what tier you join in on, you will get access to either the standard Back Catalogue or the more expanded Back Catalogue Supreme which is home to additional content supported by the $5 Tiers and up.

Currently, the Back Catalogue Supreme holds about 100 Fragmented Dungeon Map tiles + dozens of large single illustration maps (including massive 320 x 450 feet dungeons), more than 100 Miniatures / Tokens, more than 10 custom designed 5E Monsters and several homebrew 5E Magic Items.

Monthly Packages or Full Support

Becoming my patron, you either pledge at the base tiers: pledging $2 or $3 which grants you access to 2-4 new battlemaps each month and access to my basic Old School tiles on (which are also updated each month (betwen 40-100 tiles a month)) 


You pledge at $5 or $10 which grants you access to everything I create in a month. That's about double the amount of premade battlemaps, including premade assetpacks for DungeonDraft and access to the save files of all the DungeonDraft maps I create.

Future Endeavors
Making monthly assets and growing a steady subscriber base is part of a stepping stone to creating bigger content for RPG games in the future. The God tier is a way for you to sponsor that future, help me get more people involved, and in return, I will provide you with discounts, uniquely tailored content and "special thanks" mentions for all my expanded projects.

I will be sharing some of my old maps, tokens, and characters for free. All of these assets are posted in my aptly named Dropbox folder located HERE.

Thank you!
Feel free to contact me on at
[email protected]

800 - reached! patrons
I'm going to start building a website/web tool to make creating maps with my content much easier. This will be done by a support team of developers, keeping my main focus on my illustrations.
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