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Peasant of Samsarras

$1 /mo
Thanks! You're helping make this show a reality. With your help, it can only get better. 

Merchant of Samsarras

$5 /mo
You want more, do you? This tier will get you every episode two weeks early. Plus, you'll have access to our subscriber only episodes and a monthly question and answer stream that will run the leng...

Nobles of Samsarras

$10 /mo
You get everything the merchants get, obviously. That is not enough for you, though, is it? You get access to a copy of our Roll20 campaign where you can see my notes and all the stats. I'll also m...

Kings of Samsarras

$50 /mo
You get a free PDF of any Samsarras publication we put out. Adventures? World books? Fiction? You got it. 

Gods of Samsarras

$100 /mo
I run one three hour adventure for you every month via roll20 set in the world of Samsarras. Your actions could change the entire campaign world. Subject to scheduling.