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I'll include your name in a "thank you" file in all of my upcoming Mod projects!
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About CrushedPixel

Hello generous supporter,
my name is Marius, I am a German student and create Mods and Command Block Concepts for the popular game Minecraft.

I'm the creator of the popular Minecraft Replay Mod, which allows users to record every moment of their gameplay experience and rewatch it later from any angle. Go check it out if you don't know it yet!

As you might know, YouTube and Programming are very time-consuming hobbies, and therefore any financial support will keep me motivated to continue the hard work.

Also, I have to finance the webserver for the ReplayMod and my other web projects, which is why I need your help!

I intend to reduce the amount of AdFly-Links and advertisements on my videos and creations, and this can be achieved if you substitute these sources of income with your monthly pledge on my Patreon.

Thanks in advance,

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I'll do more Livestreams for you, the community to enjoy! Watch me code mods and similar, or play with me on awesome Servers like Hypixel, at least once a month! I'll also create a second channel where I upload all of my livestreams for you to enjoy at any time.
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