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Some people say beer has built society. Let's not question it. 'Cause we all know a good oatmeal stout with breakfast can't be beat. Can it? Jests aside, all support is much too kind and worth more than my thanks but you get 'em all the same. Namaste.

We can also chat on that Discord thing if you're down.

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What? Collect more minis?! I don't think you're supposed to encourage my collector's sensibility. But now that you mention it, I really did want to pick up that ... um, okay, how 'bout you get access to any exclusive content I post on Patreon? What will that content be, you wonder. Currently it's early access to episode preview excerpts, but in the future I think there shall be more exclusive content! Also, thank you very much! (I'm sure any new miniatures acquired in this fashion will appear on Instagram, covered in paint.)

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Conspiring to help CryinMo do his thing in a big way. My thanks to you and my promise to do my best to spell your name right on the page and in the credits on the YouTube video version of the podcast.

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About CryinMo

CryinMo's Tabletop Alchemy: A Midlife Return to D&D, Miniatures and Tabletop Skirmish Games is all about sharing the things I come across on a weekly basis, keeping myself progressing in the hobby (nay lifestyle) and discussing topics I find interesting in this expanding multiverse of tabletop gaming. 

I'm an old dude once a young nerd in the mythical 1980s. A guy who fell in love with the fantasy genre and miniatures and D&D and Warhammer and Shadowrun way back in the day. Specifically in the day before mass conventions, mass popularity and mass appeal. Before YouTube and podcasts and Twitch. Before you could easily find and connect with others who enjoyed the same hobbies as you. Days in which role playing games and miniatures and twenty-sided dice were part of an underground geekdom.

Although I never lost my love of the genre, I hadn't glanced at a rule book, picked up a miniature or rolled for initiative in a quarter of a century. That changed in 2018 when I woke up and rediscovered all the swashbuckling, spell-slinging and collector sensibility I'd forgotten. Awash with a fresh enthusiasm for the genre, I'm picking up where I left off, surrounded by new editions, new games, new sculpts, new paints, new conventions and new ways to share everything!
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When we hit this first goal, I'll be able to do a monthly live YouTube session so we can share a beer, a coffee, a tea, a hot chocolate, a Coke and a smile (that's trademarked I'm sure) and talk shop - spell craft, sword craft, terrain craft, writing, painting, whatever we feel like!
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