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A big thank you!

  • Shout-out on upcoming podcast episode.
  • Your name on the donor listing page.
  • shout-out on an upcoming podcast episode.
  • You will receive Patron only content.
  • A personal thank you if we ever meet in person.
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An even bigger digital "Thank you". 

I will add your name to the donor listing page, and give you a shout-out on an upcoming podcast.

You receive special Patron only content! 

You will get 1 free pass to the Bit Block Boom conference (

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The biggest and best digital "Thank you"! I will add your name to the donor listing page, and give you a shout-out on an upcoming podcast episode. 

You will be invited to join my private Marco Polo account with other First Cousins. If you are not familiar with the Marco polo phone app you need to check it out.

You'll get early releases of my training videos and "first-cousin, get  free downloads of my upcoming book, and a shout-out on an upcoming episode. 

You will also receive Patron only content.

You will get 30 minutes of my personal time every month to talk on Skype or the communication method of your choice.

You will get 2 free passes to the Bit Block Boom conference (

I will also give you a hug (or a high-five) whenever I see you in person!




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About Crypto Cousins

Hello, I am Gary Leland

I firmly believe one of the biggest challenges in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the availability of quality and most importantly current information about the state of the markets, The newest and most up-to-date technology solutions and how other influential technologists are making use of these new and exciting tools.

That’s one among many reasons I started my Crypto Cousins Network. I want to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of experts and help you gain the skills to leverage digital currency and become a leader in this new market.

I would be honored if you would consider joining my new crowdfunding campaign. With your generous support, I plan to build a unique resource we can all enjoy and benefit from.

I’m looking forward to keeping you updated on all the new ideas I have planned for the future.

I appreciate your support and hope you value what I have to offer.

Thank you for your time
$1 of $2,000 per month
My 1st goal is to create an actual physical studio.

I would like to build a great studio for in person interviews to bring up the quality of everything I produce for you.

This would also be a location to bring in part time video and podcast editors to help with the production of more content since one person can only do so much.

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