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Source Consultation - Lightbody
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Hour Phone Consultation w/ Ryan - *VERY Limited Availability*

  • 'Light body' discussion & instruction tips. 
  • General discussion of your current circumstances. 
  • Open Q & A.
  • Source reading for path alignment/realignment.
  • Source activation (via entanglement) 

Note: This isn't for everyone, however if you perceive this and you are here, then yes your higher self has guided you to this instruction. Remember, you cannot perceive that which you are not!

About Cryptochromasoul

Crypto = Hidden
Chroma = Purity / Color
...of the Soul

There is quite literally a hidden ability within ALL seekers to not only detect, but manipulate, and project 'higher' frequencies of light. Known by most as the siddhis of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, PK, 'Magic' etc. - I KNOW this God given quality within each of us deserves to not only be explored, but wielded freely in this Millennial age of Enlightenment. I've created this Patron account to give those seeking direct access to my connection to Source, my personal journey, along with the full depth of understanding in this hidden quality of the Soul - without all the BS.

Cryptochromasoul: Simplified tools of Enlightenment & Mindfulness for the Millennial Age.

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