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Join me behind the scenes to see how I make monsters.

Welcome to The Den of Dragons! My name is Crystal Sully - I paint monsters and dragons for the gaming industry. I created a book of beasts thanks to our wonderful backers on Kickstarter called "The Untamed Beastiary: A Field Guide to Marvelous Monsters" that follows the journey of a young girl who travels the world to document unimaginable beasts. 

When books are released for sale online, my patrons will receive EARLY ACCESS to have first dibs. 

I also collaborate with amazing companies like Wyrmwood Gaming, Die Hard Dice, Dwarven Forge, and more. On top of that, I create creatures for tabletop games, video games, and the publishing industry when I'm not busy taming dragons. 

The Corrupted Collection, a Halloween collaboration with Wyrmwood Gaming in 2019:

(Other properties and clients I've worked for include: Elder Scrolls, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Heroes of Newerth, Dragon Age (RPG), Orcs Must Die!, Escape the Night (with YouTube Red), Lord of the Rings RPG, Fury of Dracula)

Along with behind-the-scenes stuff and the latest project news, I will be sharing the sketches, paintings, warm-ups, and doodles that I create during my free time and even for clients that allow me to do so, including companies within the video game industry. You'll get to take a look into my entire process of creating fully detailed paintings.

Some of Our Rewards: 
* Early Access to "The Untamed Beastiary" Books Online *
*Downloadable Creature Stat PDFs *
* Art Tutorials, Sketches, Works in Progress *
* Access to our Discord Community *
* Digital Wallpaper Downloads *
* Exclusive Patron-only Discounts for our own shop, Wyrmwood Gaming, Die Hard Dice, Tabletop Loot, Found Familiar Coffee, and more *

As a "Creature Enthusiast" at the $2 tier you will receive a wallpaper download of "THE KRAKEN HUNTER" below.

"In their bloodlust, the crew of the S.S Kraken Hunter never found what they sought...except for the corpse of a kraken being dropped from the maw of an even greater beast. They instead discovered that weren't the only kraken hunters of the seven seas."

Please note: this is an ongoing project that may have changes as we all find out what works best for everyone on this journey. I'm always open to feedback so we can collaborate and make this the best it can be. <3 Thank you. 

Every pledge that is sent my way seriously means the world to me and is a huge show of encouragement. As a patron YOU are enabling me to continue to do what I love for a living, which is creating art that I'm intensely passionate about. Every patron to me means that someone took the time out of their day to basically say "Hey, I really like what you're doing. Here's me helping you do more of that."  

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