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The Bear Lieutenant

$1 /mo

  • If you enjoy the work I do, this is a great way to support a month's worth of comics, especially if you use adblock while browsing the website. If you pledge $1 a month, you ...

The Clairvoyant

$3 /mo
  • You'll get access to the comics as soon as I'm finished with them. You won't need to wait for update days. Sometimes this will mean you'll get the comic a few hours early, s...

The Super Hero Sidekick

$5 /mo
  • Each month you will receive an exclusive Ethan and Lucas one-shot comic strip. This comic strip will take place within ...

The Chef's Assistant

$7.42 /mo
  • Each month, you can may ask a question, and Chef Brian will select one at random to answer in comic form. 
  • Includes all previous reward tiers.

The Art Enthusiast

$10 /mo

  • Once a month you will receive an exclusive patron-only wallpaper, featuring whatever fun or wild artwork I've decided to draw. Wallpapers will be provided in an assortme...

The Muse

$100 /mo
Whaaaat. Seriously? Hot damn. Becoming a patron at this level means I will suck you into my twisted brain and spit you out as a comic character. Once a month I will produce an exclusive comic serie...