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About Culinary Anarchy

For nearly six years I've been bringing you original, one of kind content that you can't find on any other site. From recipes to interviews to even a full on  Documentary and a Cookbook , I've made sure my fans have stayed entertained since day one and now's your chance to help things get a little louder and a lot weirder…

We've got a new assistant and a new home office and right now, we just need some help funding this whole thing.

I have no intention on getting rich from this but the simple fact is that the less I have to stress about paying rent, the more time and energy I have to focus on filling your brains with knowledge.

Right now let’s keep it simple. The more we raise, the more cool stuff I’ll be able to do for you. As a supporter, you’ll get a first look at what we’re doing behind the scenes and have a chance to have input of what we cover.

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