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About The Culinary Camper


So why should you support my project? There are lots of great projects here that you could spend your hard earned money on, why mine? I can't give you a great answer, all I can tell you is that I have two things I'm really pretty good at, cooking and playing guitar. While I can offer little to the world with my guitar skill (my song writing and singing sucks), I can share with you some great recipes.

My Story

Back in 2011, I was out camping at Deception Pass state park with a couple of friends and made breakfast for them one morning. It was a simple breakfast sandwich, but it was out of this world delicious. It was at this moment that one of my friends told me I should write an outdoor cookbook. I thought about it, we discussed it, and I decided it would be a fun project. I never considered myself a great writer, (insert grammar nazi's here), but I knew I could cook up some good food so I wanted to try. This was the birth of my baby, my labor of love, The Culinary Camper. By the way, spell check is my bestie!

It took four years to complete that first (and only) edition. I quickly learned that it wasn't just writing the recipes that took so much time and effort, but it was testing those recipes, taking the photos, re-writing or removing those recipes that didn't turn out, taking more photos, editing, re-organizing, building a website to support the project. All of these things took a lot of time, effort and money.

One Goal Achieved

Since then I am happy to say that The Culinary Camper is in print and for sale online at major book sellers. It was a huge accomplishment getting this book in print. I covered the expenses myself at the time, but since then, times have changed as have I. Now I could now use a little help with my future goals for this project.

What are those goals? Well first of all, I'm looking for money to support the blog Second, along with keeping the blog going, this project needs more videos. I plan to make more videos and post them on my channel on YouTube. I also, would like to see a second edition to The Culinary Camper to improve its readability and photographs. My long term goals include at least two more cookbooks to get published and ebooks for all my writing endeavors. All of this takes time and costs money.

What Value Is It To You?

While most of my recipes are done outside, in the winter months I turn to more traditional recipes. I feel that any recipe can be done indoors or outdoors, you just have to get creative with how you want to cook it, and you need to know how to control the heat. My book and website show you how to do that. I don't just give you a recipe, I try to show you how to make the recipe outdoors and include any possible steps to do them inside as well. I think this makes the recipe well rounded and fun! Not only do you get this from supporting me but I offer different rewards for your patronage, including a copy of The Culinary Camper cookbook, (at the $50 and up support level) which I think is pretty awesome. 

My Undying Gratitude!

Your contribution will help support all of these efforts and keep the great recipes coming your way. Remember, this is a recurring contribution so you will be charged monthly.

Sure you could spend your hard earned money on something more noble. But you will also feel good knowing you are helping someone get their dreams off the ground and growing something that adds fun and value to the world.

Your help and contributions are very much appreciated! Thank you!

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This goal will help us to get the current edition of The Culinary Camper into ebook format and help get the second edition out in print.
We plan to use some of the funds to sustain the blog By sustaining the blog we'll be paying for our web hosting, security, and help by giving me time and money to create more great recipes with videos, to share on the site. I need some updated lighting equipment and could use an update to my video setup as well. Your patronage will help me with these upgrades.
Lastly, we'll be creating new cookbooks.
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