Elvis Canaveral is creating The Eschaton, By Immanentizing A New Pinball Renaissance

Comment Dunk Tank

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Comments have been disabled on YouTube, because... YouTube. Yet here on Patreon you can have your say! For as little as a Buck a Month you can call me a Lib-tard Snowflake Cuck or share your apprec...

Give me some credit

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I will say your name aloud, on Camera, blessed by the voice of, me, the Hyperpope himself the Right Reverend [REDACTED] Ryan Richards. Know that whatever you pledge to me will be put to maximum uti...

Video Conspirator

$3 /mo
Learn more about how I play and how I Record @OffHours360 as well as extended ELIJAH unit work.
  • Access to All Pinball Videos, Including Fails
  • Secret of "Reality"
  • Plus all previous rewards

Call On The Power Of Elvis Canaveral!? Be an EC Rider!?

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You will be given the magic word, that when said allowed will have an Elvis or Elvira Canaveral appear in your head and grant you some of the powers of SUPERCOLLIDER!?

Private Livestream Conspiracy

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Join me for a monthly livestream, I'll be playing Pinball or making up a new Cult of the Month (the largest religions in the Omniverses).
  • Monthly patron-only livestream
  • Process vi...

Hail Eris Video Producer

$23 /mo
As a patron, you'll be recognized for making my work possible as I will make a random short video clip out of an image and 23 characters or less and your twitter handle.
  • Short Video From Y...

$23 /mo
An appreciative nod.

Join The Conspiracy

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Let's work together on an upcoming cult.
  • Collaborate on an upcoming cult
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Personalized Joke for Immortality

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I'll send you a joke - your very own.
  • Personalized material
  • Immortality (in a sense)
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Be Our Guest Conspirator

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Join us for an episode of Inquisition!?
  • Collaborate on an upcoming podcast
  • Plus all previous rewards (You will be joked about in the Podcast)