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About Tyra Doak, Culture Attack Studio

Hiya ~♥
My name is Tyra and I develop games as Culture Attack Studio. Yeah it's mostly just me! But I get a lot of help from my friends and with music.
I made Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action and am currently working on Steel Caliber Slayers--a Character Action Game where all your swords use bullets and so does your gun.

The goal of Culture Attack is to create hardcore, niche games with intense action and deep systems. I strive to support the creative community with a free and open sharing of techniques, code and assets. I value self empowerment and community empowerment.

Currently I have a part-time job that, along with game sales, keeps me afloat.
However this isn't much to let Culture Attack grow and the time spent at my part-time job could be spent working on games and with the community. Student loans are also keeping me down and that will be our first milestone!

The types of games we make aren't very mainstream, but they have a passionate fan-base.

We hope to make more and more action and fighting games and your support not only improves their development time and quality, it makes you an essential part of the work.
Let's get Wild and make some games!
$134.50 of $150 per month
Liberation Front
Free me from the shackles of student loan debt!
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