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This is the tier. We are going against all the "best practices" and "tips" to make things easy. Notice how there aren't any benefits? We create content for you to digest and ask for nothing else. You can support an ad-free, no login, no multi-page lists. All free content that you can support if you like or consume to your heart's desire.

We have podcasts coming soon, and we will take a moment to read out your name, though. So, that's something I hope. Consider yourself a producer!




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Welcome to the Culture Dent family. We are a group of experienced and fresh journalists trying to change how entertainment news websites work. Our site has no advertising, no sponsorships, no blocked content, and no tricks. We lay it all out there for you. How are we going to make this work?


This all succeeds or fails based on the generous support from fans. Here is how we are going to do things though. We aren't going to set a bunch of tiers with different rewards. There are two tiers. First, a dollar a month. If 1% of the readers on our site commit to a dollar a month, we are no longer hemorrhaging money. 2% and we can start to do some fancier things. It just gets bigger from there. The second tier is whatever you want. That's it.

So, what do you unlock by becoming a Patron of CultureDent and joining in this grand experience? Nothing unique to those that don't subscribe. As I said, everything is completely free and open to everyone. We aren't going to lock anything behind paywalls, logins; none of that. We strongly believe that we can provide content that is worth a buck a month and you get the satisfaction of showing the business world that sometimes, the little guys have ideas that can work. You get a site that is clean and fast and you don't have to worry about scrolling through 20 pages to see the top ten Val Kilmer movies. Its all there in your face.

If you like what we are doing, consider becoming a Patron. 
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Let's start off easy. 5 characters added to the team to get things going. Once we hit it - we build something large and head off on the big raids! 
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