Curlworks is creating Kigurumis, Accessories, and Fun!

Tipsy Shiba

$1 /mo
Thank you for your support! At this tier you gain early access to final kigu pics and cool project Work-In-Progress photos! 

Pristine Shiba

$3 /mo
Thank you! At the $3 tier Patrons will recieve:
  • Exclusive access to our Patreon only WIPS, tips, and tutorials, as well as early access to photos of finished projects and a heads up when w...

Toasty Shiba

$5 /mo
All previous rewards, in addition to:
  • Directly influence our Patreon Exclusive content! Access to regularly-posted polls to tell us what YOU'D like to see us post! Want a specific sewing p...

Burnt Shiba

$10 /mo
All previous rewards, with fun extras mailed to you every so often! (Requires an accurate mailing address)

Soupy Shiba

$20 /mo
All previous rewards, as well as:
  • A handwritten Curlworks postcard with a cool doodle, mailed to you! 

Salty Shiba

$50 /mo
Wowie! Thank you so much! At this tier you receive all previous rewards, as well as:

- Plush of the bi-month club! We'll craft you a cute little plush accessory every other month and send i...