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Immediate access to all my finished art in its full resolution right in my feed!

You will be charged the moment you pledge and then the 1st day of each month going forward.


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The following will be sent to you via a private message at the very end of each month:

  • 10+ Sketches I wouldnt normally show!
    ( Often very loose work! )
  • All the PSDs from the given month!
    ( Named layers for easier viewing! )




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About CyanCapsule


I'm CyanCapsule and I draw stuff!
With your support I'm able to put all my time and effort 
into developing my own characters & ideas!

Pledge Tiers!

Supporting me at 3$ grants you access to all the previously finished art in my feed as well as any art I post throughout the month you pledged in!
This content will eventually be free, but pledging gives you early access to images that will sometimes take months to go public!

Supporting me at 6$ grants you access to my PSDs, sketches & studies!
At least two PSDs and 10+ sketch files per paid update. Often more!
These files will be sent at the very END of the month youve been charged for!

Receiving Patreon Rewards!

At the very end of the month 6$+ patrons recieve a Private Message here on Patreon with links to the PSDs/Sketches!
If you're supporting at 6$ and choose to delete your pledge mid-month after being charged at the start of the month, you will still recieve all the PSDs/Sketches at the end since you payed for the whole month!

Thank you for your time!

Tweet me if you have questions Old Patreon updates on Gumroad

Updates are adult in nature and may contain wacky themes!

$150 - reached! per month
I'll spend extra time organizing my PSD files.
This means naming layers as well as making folders for easier viewing of steps!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 721 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 721 exclusive posts

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