is creating a monstrous dating sim series
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Get access to the uncensored patron update feed; and help us decide what to pack in our 'picnic basket' by voting in community polls for deciding future game content! 
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The above, plus one week early access to completed builds, behind-the-scenes previews of concept art and future content. Enjoy the show!
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Drinking and Dancing
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All of the above, and then have some fun with access to WIP preview and testing builds. They might be a bit buggy though, so we'll try not to step on any toes. 
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About CyberScherzo

Welcome to the multiverse's new #1 dating site; where humans like you get to go on dates with monsters, aliens, cryptids, demons, robots or any other type of cute sexy sapient being that catches your interest!

We're making an episodic dating sim, where each episode is a minigame or short vn about dating a different character. Unlike many other dating sims, we want to place the emphasis on believable character interactions, and focus more on the individualized experiences of going on different dates.

Patron support allows us to hire artists, animators, writers, voice actors and more in order to produce higher quality episodes, with more content, more frequently, and for free!

In return, we will aim to make the content both we and our patrons want, using polls to prioritize the types of content our patrons request the most; while giving them early access to previews, concept art and test builds for feedback and critique before the final builds go public.
$500 – reached! per month
Enough to fund the production of 4 episodes per year, with a budget of about $1500 per episode.
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