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About Cynthia G

Hello Audience. For the past two years I've been striving to empower the black community with educational videos that I post to Youtube. I focus on helping my community to understand the psychology behind racism and the mentality of the people who practice it. I do this by comparing the actions of the white community of the past to that of the white people today. It is imperative that we understand who we are dealing with and why we still live in a country saturated with racial hatred towards African people. I am also working on a book that goes in depth about the psychology of racist and their evil mentality. Through this journey, I have also learned how the actions of African people in America supports and perpetuated white supremacy. When you know better, you do better. This is the mantra I live by and strive to instill in the minds of my people. This is my passion and I've dedicated my life to empowerment of my community. I will also be including exclusive content for my patreon supporters only.
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