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About DCSinger

I am a photographer and a writer of poetry, plays, and prose. I first began sharing my writing and photography publicly as a member of a queer youth writing and performance group, Queer Players, in San Diego, CA. I am no longer a youth and now I live in the Pacific Northwest, but I am still queer and I still love sharing my creativity. I love exploring the distance between people, the distance that remains even when we think we should be close, and the distances that keep us from being closer. Okay, I don’t know if I love it, but I do seem to write about it a lot. I also write about my bisexual/pansexual/queer identity/ies and experiences. I’ve been trying to write more about having a disability, but that is newer for me. It’s weird having a “physical circumstance” that curtails my computer/internet use at the same time people are increasingly living and communicating online. I’ve always felt a little different and weird, so I’m just trying to roll with it like one more version of that. I’ve also written about loneliness, heartbreak, mental health, and other stuff, just whatever I end up writing about.
My goals in my work vary. I want to make people feel. Sometimes it’s just all I know how to do to deal with different situations - just put it down the page, you know? Sometimes it’s about telling my story, my truth, so that people who have similar stories, experiences, and feelings can see themselves and know they aren’t alone (something I have gotten from other people’s art). Sometimes it’s telling my story, my truth, so that people I am different from can know more about me and my experiences and the lives and experiences of people similar to me, to maybe understand us better, not be afraid of us, or know how to be a better ally or friend (something else I’ve gotten from other people’s art). I want to create work that people enjoy, are entertained by and love, that can help foster connections and make people think. And sometimes I just do it because creating can be like a compulsion.
I am torn between how time consuming it is to make even a little money, the time I want to devote to my art and writing, and the time my body says I can spend doing those things and the time my body needs for “symptom management.” Your support would be so nice and generous and I would very much appreciate it!! 
At this point in time, I'm not promising anything other than I'm committed to my writing and art and your support is appreciated and helpful.  I know a lot of other people on here do exclusive content for their patrons and that's great and I wish I could do that, but for now I'm trying to be mindful of my mental health and my physical disability and not inadvertently commit to overextending myself.  If you can show support with $$ - awesome!!! Otherwise, thanks for reading this far and being interested in helping out artists.

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