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For the Horde! - Donation

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Keeping your favorite dragon's treasure hoard filled is a wonderful tribute to his majesty.

But seriously, with the internet and big box stores making running a local game store difficult, every little bit helps.

Patrons of all levels receive access to exclusive tournaments and the Dragon's Den Patron Discord and Facebook Groups.

Long Beard - White Dwarf

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Receive the newest White Dwarf Magazine every month.

Benefits may be redeemed in store up to 2 months after they are earned.

Patrons of all levels receive access to exclusive tournaments and the Dragon's Den Patron Discord and Facebook Groups. 

COVID-19 Survivor!

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COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the gaming world, and it's going to be a rough time for small businesses that are shut down. I have some concerns about surviving this whole thing as a business, but I also have concerns of people building up more and more benefits via patreon so when we do come out the other end, we suddenly have people asking for thousands of dollars of benefits while we are barely getting our feet back on the ground. I have no qualms about people asking for stuff in exchange for money... that's the point of our business. IF you are financially comfortable and interested in ensuring you have somewhere to go when this is all over, feel free to help out as much as you want.

This tier is all about survival of Dragon's Den Gaming. Patrons of this tier will receive a t-shirt showing our appreciation after this is all over.




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About Dragon's Den Gaming

Dragon's Den Gaming offers a free play space for board game, card game, RPG, and miniature players as well as anyone who can keep up with our nerdiness. DDG has been serving Sioux Falls as a nerd haven for almost 25 years , providing a comfortable place to play a variety of games. We continue serving our community with excellent games both casual and competitive to provide players of all types a safe place to game. Whether you like Magic: the Gathering, Warhammer, Yugioh, Pokemon, D&D, Pathfinder, board games, any of the many Star Wars games, Heroclix, Cardfight!! Vanguard, any other game (deep breath), or just a good serving of nerdiness, Dragon's Den Gaming is here to give you the best experience possible.
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Once we reach 16 Patrons, Dragon's Den will begin holding a monthly team trios tournament with each team requiring at least 1 member of each team to be a patron.
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