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Hello and welcome to DFH Studios.

My name is Del Morgado.

My website that I have had for many years and have put my heart and soul into
is almost GONE!!
I simply can't afford to keep it alive.

I am asking for help to keep the entertainment bug alive.

I'll be starting a new stupid good idea for a Facebook LIVE show.
It's an old YouTube show my friends and I did many years ago
and I'd like to bring it back to life.
It's called
Drinkin' & Yakkin'


You can also visit my DFH Studios pages if you are wondering if
I'm worth your investment.


Email. [email protected]

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Get out of debt.
Let's face it.
You need money to survive.
Money keeps chipping away at your soul and it's tough to breathe when you can't keep your head above water.
If I reach this goal I can breathe well enough to focus on entertainment and bring that to you.

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