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Get dwarfed! Any patreon supporter will be able to sign up to the dwarf naming list, and i'll use them whenever i'll play dwarfort, and maybe even with other games. Look on my Activity page for a link to the form where you can sign up for dwarfing:
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Give me a suggestion to play a game. It's hard to make guarantees here, because i might not have the game. Or i might hate the game. So it's better i don't make any guarantees. But i'll try my best to look at all the games you set on the list. Look on my Activity page for a link to the form where you can enter suggestions.
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About Captain_Duck

Hey guys, I'm Captain_Duck and this is my Patreon page.
You probably know me for my Dwarf Fortress Video Tutorials(DFVIDTUTS) on Youtube, in which i try to explain Dwarf Fortress, a very complex game. But I've also been making Let's Plays since 2007, focusing mostly on retro and strategy games, metroidvanias and other random indie games to. I'll put a list of some of my best video series on the bottom of the page. I've also been streaming a lot on recently:

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a site where you can give money to artists. It's sort of like kickstarter if you know that site. The main difference here is that with Patreon people can give artists money per month. Now this is an amazing thing for an artist like me who isn't "big" enough yet to live from ad revenue on Youtube. For more info, check the Patreon front page.

Why should i give you money?
I'd like to ask you to support me using Patreon so i can continue making these videos and streams. Well, its not like i'll stop if i don't get any money, i love doing these videos and streams. But this would help me support myself, and  that would make me happy. And the happier i am the more i'll feel like making videos. If i could support myself by using this Patreon, then i can focus on making content for you guys.

What will you do with the money?
I will be using your support for, well paying the rent mainly. I've been unemployed for years now and although the state is helping me a little, it ain't much, and if this Patreon could help support me so i wouldn't need the state anymore, that would be amazing. That would also help with the depression I've been battling for years to. 

So will i have to pay you money per month now to watch your videos and streams?
No. I promise i will not hide my videos and streams behind a paywall. You'll be able to follow the twitch streams and watch the Youtube videos just like before, nothing will change there. 

Maybe i'll do something special just for Patreon supporters, although i'm not sure what yet. If you have any good ideas, please let me know.

I hope you will consider to support me using this Patreon, i would greatly appreciate anything you guys can give me.


As a closer, here is a list of some of the best Let's Plays and Streams that i have done:

Final Fantasy Adventure:
Super Ghouls & Ghosts:
Dwarf Fortress Video Tutorial (DFVIDTUTS):
Treasure Adventure Game:
Dwarf Fortress (Snarlingurn):
Classic Video Games:
Civilisation 5 (Gods and Kings):
Rogue Legacy:
Civilisation 5 (Brave new world):
Project Adventure Game:

And over the years I've played many different Metroidvania games:

$72.47 of $100 per month
I really need to think of some awards for the goals. Please suggest anything you would like me to do.
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