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Do-it-Yourself Quality Investors
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DIY Quality Investing Members earn access to the following exclusive investing content:

1. Company Quality Tier List

Ongoing access to a regularly updated list of Quality companies. I will rank each company that I research by the quality of their underlying business. This will provide an initial list for you to choose companies to begin researching for future investment. 

2. Individual Company Business Quality Reports

These reports will be short memos outlining the reasoning used to classify each company within it's respective quality tier. 

Do-It-Yourself Value Investors
per month
DIY Value Investing Members earn access to all of the above benefits + the following exclusive investing content:

1. Intrinsic Value Spreadsheet with Buy/Hold/Sell Ratings

I have established intrinsic value estimates for a subset of the companies which are on my "Quality Tier List." This spreadsheet will have the ability to be sorted and filtered based upon both Quality and Value

Combined with the Business Quality Reports, available from the $5  tier, this benefit should be helpful to the DIY Investor interested in narrowing down their potential investment targets even faster. 

Insiders - Small Cap
per month
DIY Investing's Small Cap Insiders earn access to all of the above benefits + the following exclusive investing content:

1.  Insider Access to view my current investment portfolio allocation. (Updated once a month)


  • List of Companies
  • Portfolio Weightings

Note: Absolute portfolio sizing and # of shares of each company will be shielded for my personal privacy.

2.  My personal Small-Cap Fundamental Analysis Notes

Exclusive access to my ongoing fundamental analysis research on small-cap companies. Small-cap companies are those companies with a Market Capitalization of approximately $300 Million - $1 Billion. 



About DIY Investing

Join our Investing Community

Welcome to the DIY Investing Patreon Page!  This page is the central hub for managing the membership site program for

About DIY Investing

DIY Investing is an investing community designed to help you Start Building Wealth!  DIY Investing is a collection of blog, podcast, YouTube videos, and other educational resources for investing.  Regardless of your preferred way of consuming content, we have something to offer you as an aspiring DIY-Investor!

Why Patreon?

The DIY Investing membership site is hosted on with Patreon used as the payment processor and platform partner.  Members are offered exclusive access to investing research and educational resources on how to be a better investor.  Patreon allows me to carefully curate this insider content for each individual member of our community. 

Exclusive Community Member Benefits

The public facing content of DIY Investing is focused on providing general purpose investing insight and personal finance education to the masses.  In contrast, your membership will offer you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to my personal investing process.  As you increase your contribution/membership level you will gain an increasingly inside look at the investment research that I perform on weekly basis.

All of the benefits provided here are meant to save you time and help you earn more money from your investing.  You'll be gaining access to my personal notes, fundamental analysis, and valuation on companies.

Member Benefits include:
  • Company Quality Analysis Spreadsheet
  • Individual Company Quality Reports
  • Company Intrinsic Value Spreadsheet with Buy/Hold/Sell Ratings
  • "Insider Access" to my Personal Investment Portfolio and Company Holdings
  • Small-Cap Stock Research - My personal notes and fundamental analysis
  • Micro-Cap Stock Research - My personal notes and fundamental analysis
  • "Buy Thesis" reports on each and every company that I currently own and purchase in the future
  • Short-Term Investment Alerts - Updates when I make changes to my personal portfolio


Our community membership program is designed to cater to DIY Investors across the spectrum of experience and asset levels.  There is something for everyone and I have set up the program to allow you to grow into higher levels of membership as your assets and needs grow.

The Insiders - Full Access membership tier of $50/month is the premier option for anyone who wants to have everything they need to invest just like me.  With insider access to my fundamental analysis and research notes, you'll have a solid foundation for your own due diligence.


The DIY Investing Patreon membership program is designed to provide you with valuable and exclusive research, education, and tools you need to be a successful investor.


  • Charge Upfront is active. (i.e. Patreon will charge you immediately when you join because you will gain immediate access to the exclusive member content.  You'll then be charged on the first of the month each month going forward.)
    • FYI: If you happen to sign up near the end of a month, this could result in two charges in a short time frame.
  • Continuous Product Improvement: The products included in these member benefits are new and being tested for the first time. I am committed to continuous improvement on these products both from patron feedback and the addition of new companies on a regular basis.
    • Early Patron backers should be aware that the investment research in terms of both Quality and Quantity are currently best compared to a "beta-test" of a product. 
    • [I will remove this qualifier once I have gained sufficient feedback that the quality and quantity is sufficient enough to do so.]
  • I am NOT a financial advisor. I am NOT a registered investment advisor and I do NOT provide investment advice. None of the rewards, research, or other benefits from being one of my Patrons should be construed as investment advice. I have NOT taken into account your personal financial situation in developing this content. All content is provided for informational and educational purposes only. I, Trey Henninger, and shall NOT be held liable for any investment decisions made from the use of the content provided through this Patreon program or via the website.  Read my full Terms of Service for additional information

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Exclusive Investing Forum for DIY Investing Patrons

All patrons will receive exclusive access to a patron's only forum. This forum will allow you to discuss your investing ideas with everyone else in our community. You'll also be able to ask questions of others and myself to continue learning together.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
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