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Thanks for dropping by and checking out my page. Whether you found me on twitter, tumblr, facebook, or reddit, welcome to my Patreon. 

My name is D.J. Munden and I am an African American author that write science fiction and fantasy books. I have several drafts of several books in two different worlds including a 160k-word Tavern, a 60k novella Crow Father, and Dusk Mountain Blues. They are fun, high action novels filled with emotions, drama, magic, swords, laser guns, assassins, smugglers, you name it meant for fiction fans everywhere. They are meant to be an escape from the worlds you know with all the emotions that you recognize. 

I have been compared to the likes of Michael J. Sullivan, Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercombie, and others. They are all authors that I truly respect and want to be in company of one day. My goals are to be synonymous with authors like them and become a role model for people like me that aren't seen in the industry. 

Every dime that comes from this patreon is going directly to making my books the best they can be. First and foremost is editing. Editing is expensive for a good top, quality editor. Any dime left over will be going directly to cover artists.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or get in contact with me through my here, twitter or facebook. 

Want to test out whether or not this is worth it? Get in contact with me and get the chance to read an excerpt from Tavern, Crow Father, or Dusk Mountain Blues. 


Chapters: 30 (29 + Epilogue)

Word Count: 160k
Genre: High Fantasy 

In the magical world of Dargath, the story follows Xel— an orc tavern owner, an information broker, a healer, and guildmaster of the Blackwind Company. Though a resident of the city of Lladad for only two years, Xel has found a place far better than the forest from which he came. When a simple act of kindness reels him into unraveling a plot to destroy his new home, Xel is forced to do what needs to be done with the contacts that he has to protect it. 

Xel’s morality, his livelihood, and his ambition are pushed to their limits against a wizard powerful enough to rip the city apart. He must scheme with vipers, mingle with royalty, blackmail in the slums, and fight assassins and mercenaries. Most importantly, he needs to lean on the support of his friends to keep him steady and safe from his own inner demons tempting him with tales of failure.
Crow Father 
Acts: 5 Acts
Word Count: 30k
Genre: High Fantasy/Grimdark

Hrafon Aurelion the Second wasn’t always known as one of the greatest kings of all time. He was a quiet, sickly boy with content with living quietly in his brother’s—the heir apparent—shadow. As a disabled child from birth, he had no dreams of grandeur or glory. But that all changed when his paladin brother ascends to the throne and his madness becomes clear. With the lands of the Magiian Empire burning around him, the Temple of Karelia at his back and his brother’s paranoia growing with every second, Hrafon has no choice but to use the secret he kept inside all his life. Hrafon Aurelion is a necromancer.

Dusk Mountain Blues
Chapters: 20 (19 + Epilogue)
Word Count: 80k
Genre: Science Fiction

The Caldwells have one goal in life: to be left alone. They’ve been living on a post apocalypse backwater planet of C’dar for years, smuggling and scavenging their way to a comfortable life on their Homestead. Like all good things though, it comes to an end.. The Civilization wasn't content with falling apart the first time and has finally caught wind the old boys and girls on their little rock in the middle of nowhere. Ain’t nothing much they can do about that though except fight ‘em. The story follows three generation of Caldwells— Luke “Drifter” Caldwell, Woodrow “Appetite” Caldwell, and Cassie “Kindle” Caldwell—as they fend for everything they called home.

Duke's Brand
Chapter Numbers: 25-26 (Estimated)
Word Count: WIP (Goal 100k)
Genre: High Fantasy/Adventure

Ser Torlyek’s an awkward, soft spoken man fumbling around his newfound knighthood—the Duke’s Brand. Though many knight orders trust the mostly former criminals of the Duke’s Brand little, they continue to prove themselves as one of the strongest knight orders in the land. When a new member--a mysterious half-orc woman from noble blood--joins their ranks, they are suddenly targeted by one of some strongest lords in Dargath. A dark shadow of familiarity creeps of Torlyek’s new world as faces from the woman’s past slow blend with faces of his own. Faced with a difficult choice, will the Duke’s Brand be forced to stand with their newly acquired member or turn her in to the people targeting her? 

11% complete
Every dime from Patreon goes directly to editing manuscripts and processing covers. Until both of those are completed, this is going to be the primary goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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