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You show your loyal support for me, thanks! You will be granted access to my exclusive content!

  • Get access to all exclusive monsters and monster items, in PNG and PDF form!
  • Virtual Table Top tokens of every monster/NPC released!
  • Get High Res PNG Art of every monster art and monster item I create!
  • You will get to vote on which future content I will release!
  • Access to DM Tuz's Map Assets
  • Get an invite to join the DM Tuz Discord Server and be part of the community!
  • Get early access to public releases!
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Get instant access to the Vault and be invited to participate in playtests and directly shape my monsters through your feedback!
  •  All rewards from the previous Tiers.
  • Get access to the Vault (Google Drive Folder), where you can conveniently browse all of my released material!
  • Gain access to the DM Tuz Table Scraps,  a monthly collection of my own homebrew, such as monsters, magic items, traps, etc. that I created and used in the patreon game and in my private games.
  • Get access to Premium Versions of my released 5e Player Races (if applicable)
  • Get a credit thank you at the end of every released pdf. (Let me know if you want to be thanked by a preferred name)
  • Get the full Unbound Monsters PDF, containing all monster updates so far in one convenient PDF!
  • Get a chance to participate in playtests on the DM Tuz Discord Server!
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Be part of an exclusive Patreon D&D 5E game run by me!
We play a 5e adaptation of the pathfinder adventure path "Carrion Crown" every other saturday, from 6-10 PM EST.

  •  All rewards from the previous Tiers. 
  • Play with me as your DM and other patrons in a game every other week!
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About Dungeon Master Tuz

Hello, this is Tuz and i am a freelance writer and artist. I do alot of D&D. Like, alot. I also share the stuff that i write on my personal blog dm-tuz.tumblr.com. This patreon is dedicated to make regular batches of D&D 5e monsters (every other week) for you to use in your D&D game. All content you find here has been playtested and balanced to the best of my ability!
$1,501.47 of $2,000 per month
Local Minimum Wage; my earning goal for 2022!

This amount of money allows me to live okay off of my patreon alone, meaning that I can slowly phase out any remaining side gigs that I pick up and fully dedicate myself to DM Tuz!
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