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The Pillars
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Thank you! You are providing rehearsal space so that we can create dances and produce dance films.  You now have access to our patron feed, an exclusive behind the scenes look into the contemporary dance artistic process: rehearsal recap videos, discussion and photos.
The Architects
per month
Whoa! You are absolutely amazing and helping us build something incredible. You'll have access to the patron feed,  be credited on our website as a donor, and receive a free gift.
The Producers
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WOW! WOW! WOW! How unbelievably amazing of you to believe in our work. With this contribution you'll receive a free gift, gain access to behind the scenes footage of our dance films, get an exclusive look into the editing process, and enjoy early access to the finished film. 



About Dance into Deliverance

By creating and exploring ways of intertwining spiritual principles and the art of dance, Dance into Deliverance wants to re-define dance ministry, by stretching it beyond traditional guidelines. The contemporary movement crafted through the collaborators is charged with athleticism and thoughtfulness. The themes echo the motions of love, justice, redemption, triumph, and deliverance.

Your contribution helps with the following:

Rehearsal space is a no. 1 priority.
Space and opportunity to create dances is essential.

2 rehearsals a week (hourly space charge)
between $60-$100 a week
putting us at $300 max monthly cost

Dancer Monthly Stipends:
Paying the Artist.
(between 2-4 performers)
$150 stipend a month per performer
4 performers at $600 a month

Dance Film Production Budget:
Help us create great production content.
(This pays for costumes, videographers,
editors, event space rental)
total costs between $300- $700 per project

Intern Stipend
Grow our brand.
(An intern will be needed for internal development and research, 2-3 days of work a month, dates will be added as needed.)
$100 monthly allocation

Dance Application Fees
We want to keep pursuing opportunities to show our work.
Application Fees Range from $25, $45 to $100.
These are fees for live production, residency application fees and dance film festival fees.
$100 monthly allocation

Music Composition Fees
Support Local Musicians.
We love to employ local musicians to create scores for our film and stage pieces,
the scores range from $150 to $300 per project.

Community Outreach
We want to give back.
This will include rehearsal rentals to provide discounted dance workshops that will raise money for a charitable organization of our choosing, or partnering with an existing organization to raise awareness.
$100 monthly allocation

Again $1,500 is a lofty goal, but I believe firmly that this will help the organization run more efficiently than it ever has.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our page, I hope you would consider being a monthly patron and joining our community of artists!

-Jessica Ray
Artistic Director and Producer
Dance into Deliverance
16% complete
Our goal is $800 a month. It is a lofty sum, but we think you can help make it a reality, and add legs to the vision for Dance into Deliverance. Dn2d has been creating in NYC for the last 6 years. We've performed in venues in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, and had dance film screenings in Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey.  We are eager to share our artistry with many more and can't wait to dive in for our 2018 season. Please consider supporting this vision.

-Jessica Ray
Artistic Director and Producer
Dance into Deliverance

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