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About D. Pearce SSC

Check my Bio out below, but let's talk about something BIG...

Andrew Yang is running for President in 2019 & 2020 to push the idea of a universal basic income as a means of solving the mindset of scarcity and wage slavery that is occuring in our nation today. The world is changing quickly, but Washington D.C. seems to only be able to accomplish slight pendulum swings every 2-4-6 years, and meanwhile, people are hurting.

The government is supposed to be for the people, but corporate money has overrun our politics. The media is supposed to keep us informed, but instead they only keep us constrained in our thinking about what the government can do to solve problems, boxing the Left & Right limits into a narrow band of identity politics, worry-mongering and omission of topics critical to workers, relevant to WAR and TRULY speaking truth to power.

The country has a chance to wake up with #Yang2020. I give a soldier's promise to uphold the Scott Santens' BIG Patreon Creator Pledge, to support independent creators and those who deserve fair compensation for work that perhaps they would spend MORE TIME ON NOW if they didn't have to do their day job. It's in the spirit of the #FreedomDividend! To not be constrained by our NEEDS, and to more thoroughly pursue our WANTS, our dreams!

I'm in the military and I have more benefits in my position than most Americans who, although they may work, may have kids, family to care for, disabilities and more. As such, I'm deciding to only take less than half of the $1,012... every dollar after $500/month for me is going to other Patreon creators! And if they'd wish to collaborate in the future, well, that'd be just lovely, wouldn't it? :) Thank you for your support, contact me for anything at all.

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I worked in politics for about 3 years doing data aggregation and political candidate research among other things. I'm an enlistee into the Army; I will be trying to commission as soon as I can as well. I studied Economics for my Bachelors and received a Masters Degree in Political Science. I love thinking about the systems in politics, economics, psychology and philosophy, and how they interact with the individual and entire societies. I consider myself a Stoic, a flawed striver for self-betterment and a constant seeker of knowledge.
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