Drunken Peasants is creating Podcasts

Live Chat & Q&A

$1 /mo
Exclusive behind the scenes content, photos or screenshots of upcoming videos. This can also include photos from the peasants’ everyday lives like what they eat, what they are playing, photos of we...

Private Show

$5 /mo
Access to an extended, private, crazier, patron-only show. Please be aware we only do one Patreon Private Show per month. We will send you the link via Patreon messaging around 24 hours before the ...

Monthly Commentary, IRL Vlog & Aftershows

$10 /mo
This perk level grants you access to an exclusive DP movie or video game commentary every month! We will watch a terrible movie or show and commentate on it just for you! 

We’ll also...


Credit Thanks & Priority Q&A

$15 /mo
You will be given thanks by having your Patreon username listed in the end credits of regular episodes of DP. 

In addition, your questions will be given priority above regular users ...


Discord Hangout & Game Night

$25 /mo
This perk level grants you an exclusive DP Discord hangout in a private voice room with the Peasants and usually a special guest. The guys will chill with you and talk shit that you will ONLY hear ...


$50 /mo
This perk level grants you a shout out from the peasants to whatever it is you want to shill! PROMOTE YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, PRODUCT, OR SERVICE FOR AN INSANELY LOW PRICE! It will also be linked in ...

Your Own Segment

$100 /mo
This perk level grants you the ability to join the Drunken Peasants for a segment of your choice. Wanna talk about the news or crazy people with DP? Wanna play some Troll or Not a Troll or Florida ...